Silicone Textile Ink
Silicone Textile Ink

Silicone Textile Ink

Silicone ink has wide application in the textile.We are one factory to produce silicone ink for heat transfer printing,embossing,high density print,puff,flocking on t shirt,hoodie,swimwear,sportswear,etc. These silicone inks have best elasticity,higher adhesion on nylon,polyester,leather,etc.Our silicone ink XG-866NL is best silicone textile ink.It's two parts silicone ink,low heat cure silicone ink.You can print the silicone ink XG-866NL on nylon or polyester without screen printing primer.
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Silicone textile ink

Silicone ink:XG-866NL


Appearance:Super transparent paste.


Eco-friendly,pass OEKO TEX100,NIKE RSL

Low heat Cure:100-120℃

Surface cure time:10seconds

Higher fastness:(kg/cm2):≥120±10

Mixture ratio:100g silicone ink adds 10g catalyst

Direct print on nylon

Flash every print surface cure by table oven or dryer

We advise print two layers before color print.Please add color pigment with high density silicone ink XG-866AH or XG-866A.High density silicone ink XG-866AH is developed for table print.Silicone ink XG-866A is ideal for machine print.Because silicone textile ink XG-866A has longer work life than silicone ink XG-866AH.

During screen printing silicone ink,please add silicone reducer XG-128AH,about 10g silicone reducer with 100g silicone ink,10g color pigment.

Silicone textile ink is the best ink for t shirt,hoodie,other clothes.Because silicone ink has excellent wash test.

Silicone ink XG-866NL has no delamilation after wash process.

We have best screen printing  ink for your garment.

Welcome to any question from you about screen printing silicone ink.


Custom package

Our silicone inks are no dangerous products.So these silicone inks can be shipped by air and sea shipment.

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