Ribbon Screen Printing
Ribbon Screen Printing

Ribbon Screen Printing

Ribbon Screen Printing is very awesome.Ribbon has high elastic ribbon,rubber ribbon,nylon ribbon,etc.YR Silicone has the silicone ink for every kinds of ribbon.We advise silicone ink XG-30S,silicone adhesive XG-360Z-3,primer XG-110AB for these ribbon.Silicone ink XG-30S is room temperature cure,also flash the silicone ink with low temperature,about 100-110℃.The silicone ink is high elasticity,abrasion resistance.
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Ribbon Screen Printing

Silicone ink

Product name: silicone ink

Product number:XG-30S

Advantage:Anti-poisoning silicone ink

Cure method:Room temperature(can be cured with low temperature too)

Main application:Ribbon screen printing,Rubber ribbon,the garment cann't be heat resistance.

Appearance:Transparent paste

Package size:20KG/pail

Catalyst: XG-20S-1MB


Ribbon screen printing tips:

  1. Screen printing primer XG-110AB;Mixture ratio:add 10g catalyst XG-110B with 100g XG-110A.The primer is room temperature cure.It will be surface dry in five minutes after screen printng.We advise screen printing the primer for two layers.

  2. Screen printing silicone adhesive XG-360Z-3;Mixture ratio: add5g catalyst XG-360Z-3B with 100g silicone adhesive XG-360Z-3.The silicone adhesive is also called silicone ink.It's low temperature cure silicone ink.After screen printing silicone ink XG-360Z-3,please flash the print layer surface dry before next print.We advise screen printing silicone ink XG-360Z-3 for two layers.

  3. Screen printing silicone ink XG-30S;Mixture ratio:add10g catalsyt XG-20S-1MB with 100g silicone ink XG-30S.It's room temperature cure silicone ink.You can flash the silicone ink with low temperature too.We advise screen printing silicone ink XG-30S for two layers.

  4. Color screen printing:add 10g color pigment with 100g silicone ink.We advise screen printing color layers for four.

Note:please bake the product after screen printing silicone ink by 15-20minutes,100-110℃.

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