Brown Screen Printing Ink
Brown Screen Printing Ink

Brown Screen Printing Ink

We are a silicone ink factory from China. We accept large quantities of orders and have been committed to silicone ink for more than 20 years. Specializing in the development of organic silicone inks.
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Features of brown screen printing ink

The pattern or font printed by ink is clear and full, with strong adhesion

The scope of application of silicone ink: T shirt, customized clothes, mass printing.

Brown screen printing ink has the advantages of high hiding power, high gloss, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, good adhesion, no damage to the substrate, pure and bright color, and strong weather resistance.


3. Storage conditions

Sealed and refrigerated storage temperature: 0 ~ 10 ℃, humidity: 55% ~ 85%, waterproof, leak-proof, sun-proof, high temperature, away from fire.

4. How to use

①After opening the product, stir it evenly.

②Printing must maintain a good and suitable environment. It is recommended that the operation room should be a dust-free workshop, the temperature should be controlled below 24 ℃, and the humidity should be between 55%-75%. Too low humidity can easily cause static electricity in the ink, which can easily cause poor printing appearance.

③Dust the products to be printed before printing to avoid bumps (impurities) on the fonts or patterns after printing

④ Please refrigerate the ink. The ink that is not used up should be sealed and put in the refrigerator immediately.

⑤The product must be used under well-ventilated conditions to avoid large amounts of human inhalation during the construction process, and it is forbidden to eat.

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