silicone printing on fabric

silicone printing on fabric

Textile print is new screen printing on fabric.It's silicone ink mixed green reflective powder during screen printing.It's ideal for t shirt printing,etc.Because it's heat cure silicone ink.So flash every print surface dry before next print.
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Green reflective printTextile print

Before screen printing,please prepare these Silicone ink,catalyst,black pigment,green reflective powder,silicone thinner,stencile,squeegee,scale,stick,table oven,table glue,garment.

Firstly,brush the table glue on print table.Secondly,place the garment on print table.Thirdly,mix 100g silicone ink with 2-3catalyst  XG-866B-2,add 10g silicone thinner XG-128AH.Please print two layers(flash every print by 120℃,10seconds.)Fourthly,mix 10g black pigment with silicone ink XG-866AH,3g catalyst.Print two layers.(flash every print)Fifthly,mix20g green reflective powder with100g silicone ink,3g catalyst.Print three layers.(flash every print).Lastly,mix 3g catalyst with glossy silicone ink XG-399-3.Print 1-2layers.After screen printing silicone ink,please bake them in closed oven by 120-130℃,3-5minutes.

Welcome to any question about the 3d silicone printing on fabric,hoodie,other clothes.

Product advantages

The core of silicone printing on fabric process is the use of extremely green printing silica gel, that is, in the process of textile printing, printing silica gel is used to replace the traditional glue, thermosetting ink and other printing materials, so that the printing materials can be upgraded.

Silica gel printing effect is better, strong performance, and washable, sun resistant, non decolorization, the most important thing is that there is no harm to the human body and the environment.

Silicone printing is a way to lead colorful colors to many products such as wool, clothes, glass and so on. Silicone printing makes a boring woolen sweater colorful.

Product material features

The chemical composition and physical structure of silica gel ink determine that it has many characteristics that other similar materials are difficult to replace: high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, high mechanical strength, etc.

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