multi color silk screen printing

multi color silk screen printing

Multicolor screen printing with silicone ink can make the surprising pattern on t shirt,hooodie,Yoga pants,sportwear,etc. Silicone ink from YR SILICONE is ideal for screen printing on fabric.These silicone inks can be high density printing,embossed print,puff print,high density print,etc.They pass OEKO TEX100,NIKE RSL,REACH,ETC.
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Multicolor screen printing

Silicone ink


-Heat cure,A part and B part,simple mixture ratio:2-3g catalyst with 100g silicone ink base

-Clear paste,high density,100%silicone oil

-Wide range of application in the textile

-Simple to print

-Fast surface dry during screen printng

-High productivity

Process characteristics of multi color silk screen printing

Process cost Mold cost (low)

The application of fabric clothing, quality advantage, pattern details of high quality precision.

The slurry is poured into one end of the screen, a certain pressure is applied on the slurry part of the screen with a scraper, and the slurry moves towards the other end of the screen, so that the slurry is squeezed from the mesh of the graphic part to the substrate by the scraper during the movement.

Screen printing tips:

1.Add 2-3g fast catalyst XG-866B-2 with 100g high density silicone ink XG-866A

2.Screen printing the clear silicone ink for two layers,please flash every print layer surface dry before next print.

3.Add 10g white pigment/color XG-102 with 100g silicone ink XG-866A(add 2-3g fast catalyst with silicone ink).Please print two layers.

4.Add 10g yellow pigment /color XG-203 with 100g silicone ink XG-866A,print two layers.

5.Add 10g red pigment/color XG-302 with100g silicone ink XG-866A,print one layer.

6.Add blue pigment/color XG-408 with silicone ink,print one layer.

7.Add 8% reflective powder with 100g glossy silicone ink XG-399-3,print two layers.

8.Add 2-3g fast catalyst XG-866B-2 with 100 g matte silicone ink XG-866M,print one layer.

Please flash them surface dry.

Lastly,place the printed garment in closed oven by 120-130℃,baking them 3-5minutes.

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