Embossing Sililcone

Embossing Sililcone

Embossed silicone ink is one screen printing ink on cotton,etc.The silicone ink can make your print more eyecatching with 3D print.It's two components silicone ink.It's cured by low temperature.
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 silicone embossing

  1. Two components

  2. Low heat cure 

  3. Mixture ratio:add 10g catalyst XG-360BH with 100g silicone ink XG-360KY-55

  4. After mixed silicone ink,please vacuumize the mixed silicone ink.

  5. After screen printing silicone ink on cotton,etc,please press the garment by the embossed machine.Technical data of embossed machine:Mold above:180℃;Mold below:80-120℃;Pressure seconds:10-20

  6. After embossed print,please print high density silicone ink XG-866AH,catalyst XG-866B-2,(add2-3g catalyst XG-866B-2 with 100g silicone ink XG-866AH),Multicolor print(please mix pigment with silicone ink by your idea).Note:please keep every print surface dry by table oven or dryer(120℃,about 10seconds.)We advise that you print silicone ink XG-866AH for three layers.(Your print master can decide the print layer by your requirement.)

  7. Print glossy finish or matte finish:Glossy silicone ink XG-399-3,matte silicone ink XG-866M,their catalyst XG-866B-2(mixture ratio:add 2-3g catalyst with 100g silicone ink.We advise that you print 1-2 glossy or matte silicone ink.Please scatter the reflective powder on the glossy or matte silicone ink before flash the silicone ink surface dry.

  8. Please bake your printed garment in the closed oven by 120-140℃,5-10minutes.

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