Denim Print

Denim Print

Denim is 100% pure cotton.So the denim is ideal for jeans.It's high durability,comfortable with distinctive look.YR SILICONE has wide range of silicone ink for denim print.During denim print with our silicone ink,please flash every print with low temperature,fast surface cure.The print master can flash the denim print with table oven or dryer.It's very simple for the print master to make denim print with silicone ink from YR SILICON .
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Huizhou YIRun silicone co.,Ldt is one best factory to produce the silicone ink for heat transfer print,embossed print,high density print,puff print,etc.

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Denim print is very distinctive with silicone ink.It's well known that the silicone ink is high durability,superb soft hand feel,best wash test on denim.

YR SILICONE  has wide range of silicone ink for denim print.Becasue denim is easily migrated.Please print the blocker silicone XG-866F.

Before denim print,please prepare silicone ink XG-866A-2Y,silicone adhesive XG-360Z-3,blocker XG-866F,Glossy silicone ink XG-399-3,silicone reducer

XG-128AH,fast catalyst XG-866B-2,silicone pigment/color(red pigment XG-302),table glue,denim,mesh(120,48T),Rubber squeegee(65-75),scale,blade.

Please brush the table glue on print table,place the denim on table,fix the right position with mesh before denim print.

Screen printing tips about denim print as follows:

  1. Print silicone adhesive XG-360Z-3:add5g catalyst XG-360Z-3B with 100g XG-360Z-3,mix them thorougly.Please print two layers,flash every print surface cure before next print.

  2. Print blocker (silicone ink) XG-866F:add2g fast catalyst XG-866B-2 with 100g blocker XG-866B-2,mix them well,then add 2g blocker catalyst XG-866FB,mix them well.Print two layers.(flash every print surface cure by table oven 120℃,flash 10seconds.)

  3. Print clear layer( silicone ink):add 4g catalyst XG-866B-2 with 100g silicone ink XG-866A-2Y,mix them thoroughly,print two layers,flash every print surface cure.

  4. Print color/pigment:add4g catalyst XG-866B-2 with 100g silicone ink XG-866A-2Y,10g silicone reducer,10g red pigment XG-302,mix them well before denim print.Please print2-3 layers,flash every print surface cure before next denim print.

  5. Print glossy finish:add3g catalyst XG-866B-2 with 100g silicone ink XG-399-3,10g silicone reducer XG-128AH.Please print 1-2layers.Before flash the glossy finish,please wait for five minutes.There is no bubble.

  6. Bake the denim print in closed oven or tunnel oven by 120-130℃,five minutes.

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