Silicone Transfer
Silicone Transfer

Silicone Transfer

Heat transfer printing is cheap and simple to decorate t shirt,hoodie,work wear ,sport wear,Yoga pants,etc.Silicone ink is the best ink for heat transfer printing.The silicone ink from YR SILICONE can help the print master to make 2D transfer logo and 3D transfer logo.
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Silicone transfer

Silicone ink can be heat transfer printing ,embossed,puff,high density print.These silicone inks are heat cure.Silicone transfer is one of screen printing in the textile.More clients like the silicone transfer because the silicone transfer is high productivity,low cost .The print master can make 2D and 3D transfer logo with silicone ink.The hot melt glue paper is the key to success.Don't forget the hot melt glue paper during silicone transfer .

When producing 3D transfer logo,please make one mold.We offer one mold picture for reference.Please contact us for screen printing tips if you are interested to silicone transfer from us.

transfer moldPlease start the mold machine before silicone transfer production.The mold machine is different from embossed machine.We upload the mold machine for reference.We hope you can learn more from us about screen printing.

mold machine

Mold machine technical data: mold above temperature:80℃;mold below:130℃;Press seconds:28

3Dimension silicone transfer tips:

  1. silicone ink XG-360W,catalyst XG-360B,red pigment XG-300;Mixture ratio: add 10g catalyst XG-360W with 100G,mix them thoroughly,add 10g red pigment.

  2. Fill the silicone ink in the mold;Cut off one piece of paper of hot melt glue according the size of mold.Place the paper of hot melt glue on mold.Then place Tefron paper above the hot melt glue paper.

  3. Set up the right mold technical data.

  4. Place the mold filled silicone ink into mold machine.

  5. After mold press,place silicone transfer logo on cool table.

  6. Pack the transfer  logo by sticky tape.

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