Silicone Screen Printing
Silicone Screen Printing

Silicone Screen Printing

Silicone screen printing is very ideal for t shirt,Yoga pants,workwear,swimwear,sportwear,etc.Because silicone ink is made of purest silicone oil.So it's high durability,anti abrasion,superb soft hand feel,friendly environment.Silicone screen printing on fabric never fades during wash process.Silicone screen printing can bring high value for you.We have silicone screen printing for heat transfers,embossed print,high density print,puff print,blocker,etc.Our silicone inks have heat cure and room temperature cure.
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Silicone ink with low heat cure

Before silicone screen printing,please prepare five stencils,silicone ink,white pigment,yellow pigment,red pigment,blue pigment,black pigment,glossy silicone,silicone reducer,catalyst,squeegee:65-75

Stencil for dot:250

Stencil for glossy and undercoat:120

Add 20-30% silicone reducer for every color

Screen printing tips:

Print clear silicone ink for two layers with stencil(120,48T).

Print white pigment mixed silicone ink for two layers(120,48T).

Screen printing dot

Print yellow pigment for two 

Print red pigment for two 

Print blue pigment for one 

Print glossy finish

Note:please flash every print for surface cure .

Product features

Silicon screen printing does not take off layers, and silicone printing has rich colors and colorful designs, which is suitable for most users. The pattern after silk screen printing has a strong three-dimensional feeling and soft hand. Silk screen printing pattern has excellent peel strength, wear resistance, brightness, washing fastness.

1: Environmental protection.

2: It can be printed and overprinted. When printing register, it does not take off.

3: Can print a variety of effects. Bright / matte, right angle / rounded.

Environmental protection textile silica gel has the characteristics of good adhesion, high strength, soft and delicate handle, strong three-dimensional sense, beautiful decorative effect, excellent performance, non-toxic and harmless.

Product application

Silicone screen printing is applied to all kinds of ribbon, elastic belt, belt, bra, bra shoulder belt, seamless underwear, swimsuit, sports gloves, sports protector, silk stockings, trademark, logo, waist, lace, clothing and so on.

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