Screen Printing Silicone
Screen Printing Silicone

Screen Printing Silicone

Screen printing silicone is superb soft hand feel on garment.Its Shore A:18-30A.High density silicone ink has much higher viscosity than glossy and matte silicone ink.So print master often prints high density silicone ink if they need high thickness.We advise high density ink XG-866AH,XG-866A. They are best screen printing silicone ink.However,the two silicone inks are different from their screen printing tips. Silicone ink XG-866AH is ideal for screen printing on print table.Another silicone ink XG-866A is better for machine print.Because the silicone ink XG-866A has longer work life than XG-866AH on machine print.They are heat cure silicone inks.The two silicone inks have the same catalyst and mixture ratio,we advise you add 3% catalyst.
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Screen printing silicone

About the product


Two components

High density

High viscosity

Fast cure with low temperature:100℃

Flash temperature:100-120℃

Flash time: 10seconds

Work life on print table:3days

Work life on machine:6hours


Simple mixture ratio:add 3g catalyst with 100g silicone ink

Fast turnaround

Eco friendly,all silicone inks pass OEKO TEX100

Best wash test

No delamination during wash test

Package custom

Squeegee:rubber 65-75


Mix with any color pigment

We advise add 10g color pigment with 100g silicone ink.

It's not easy to flash surface cure if adding more color pigment.


Screen printing  for t shirt,sweater,hoodie,etc

Please print silicone adhesive XG-360Z-3 if the garment is nylon,100%polyester firstly.

After screen printing silicone ink,please bake the printed garment or clothes in closed oven or tunnel oven.We advise the temperature 100-120℃,baking time 3-5minutes. Regarding to nylon,100%polyester,baking 10-15minutes.

Please do test strictly before mass production.

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