Siilicone ink screen printing
Siilicone ink screen printing

Siilicone ink screen printing

Silicone inks have transparent ,translucency,super transparent silicone ink.They have different application and advantage during screen printing.There are high viscosity and low viscosity silicone inks.We are one best factory to produce silicone ink screen printing in China.We can provide the heat cure and room temperature cure silicone ink for you.These silicone inks can be heat transfer printing,high density,embossing,puff,rope dip,etc.All silicone inks from us pass OEKO TEX 100,REACH,NIKE RSL. They are the best silicone ink in the world.We will help you grow stronger if you order silicone ink from us.
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Silicone inks

Introduction to Silicone inks:

This is specially designed for textile printing. Using the latest technology and high quality raw materials, ink smooth, high color saturation, high fastness.

Application of Silicone inks:

It can be used for printing polyester, sports T-shirt, bicycle shirt, polyester bag, umbrella, shoes, decorative products, handicrafts and other silk fabrics.

Silicone inks properties:

1. Fluent, suitable for continuous batch printing

2. More stable, no blocking of print head

3. Bright color, wide color gamut and perfect fastness

4. Fast drying and strong adhesion


Sublimation paper printing → heat transfer to clothing or coating medium.


5 ~ 25 ℃ for one year, avoid direct sunlight.

Use up all ink within 2 months after opening to ensure the best printing performance.

be careful:

The ink can not be mixed with other digital textile inks.

Silicone inks are ideal for t shirt printing worldwide.The print master can print our silicone inks easily without higher print technical method.Before screen printing,you only know better mixture ratio,mixing silicone ink with its catalyst thoroughly.Most of silicone inks are 2% ratio.It means that you add 2g catalyst with 100g silicone ink.You can order the silicone ink by your garment or design.

Heat transfer printing,silicone ink embossing ,puff print,mold silicone are heat cure silicone ink with low temperature.

Among Heat Transfer ink,you can print water based ink and silicone based ink.We advise you print the silicone ink for heat transfer printing if you like the superb soft hand feel on fabrics.

Silicone ink XG-866A-2Y is the best ink for heat transfers.Fast catalyst XG-866B-2 is developed for silicone ink XG-866A-2Y.

Silicone ink heat transfer can make 3dimension heat transfers.They have high fastness on garment.

Young customers like the embossed t shirt.So silicone ink embossing is very popular now.When you plan to make silicone ink embossing,you need have one embossing machine and vacuum machine,mold.

We have silicone ink embossing XG-360KY-55 and XG-360KY-65. Two silicone inks for embossing have different advantage.Silicone ink XG-360KY-55 is much softer than silicone ink XG-360KY-65.But silicone ink XG-360KY-65 is faster to shape.Our silicone inks for embossing have best wash test.These silicone inks has no deshape during wash process.

Siilicone ink features

 1, weather resistance

 2, anti-corrosion

 3, non-toxic

 4, strong hiding power, good fluidity, abrasion resistance

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