Silicone Screen Printing Process

Silicone Screen Printing Process

Silicone screen has been in existence for long time.Yet,many screen printing factories don't embrace the silicone ink screen printing for their clothes,shoes,gloves,t shirt,horse riding breeches,etc.Part of the reason is silicone cost.Silicone ink is made of 100% purest silicone polymer.The cost of silicone ink is much higher than other fabric ink,such as water based paste,plastisol ink,digital print ink.However,the silicone ink is still much more popular day after day.Why silicone screen?Because the silicone screen can offer much more benefits than other inks.Silicone screen printing ink is unique in nature.The silicone liquid is excellent elasticity,soft hand feel on clothing.
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Silicone Screen

When silicone screen on clothing,they can pass the wash test from major brand,such as NIKE,PUMA,ZARA,ETC.

Silicone ink is no odor.These silicone inks meet EU,USA,Japan work ,environment standard.

Cosumers like the clothing printed with silicone inks.The clothing is very comfortable to wear.Silicone ink is healthy to human body.Don't fade after washing.

Silicone inks can mix with 20 items of color pigment.

The print master can make multi-color screen printing with silicone ink.

Heat transfer printing with silicone ink is much better than water based ink.

The heat transfers are higher elasticity than the heat transfers made of water based paste.

Heat transfers can be produced by mold.The heat transfer logo has awesome 3D effect.

Tips about the heat transfers with mold

1.Make one mold

2.Cut off the hot melt glue film

3.Telfon paper

4.Mixed silicone ink with catalyst,color pigment,vacuum the mixed silicone ink

5.Fill the mixed silicone ink into the mold,level the silicone ink on mold with one squeegee.

6.Start the mold machine;set temperature:1.upper mold 130-140℃.2.Below mold:80-100℃;Mold press seconds:50seconds

7.Place the hot melt glue film on the mold filled with silicone inks

8.Place the mold into mold machine.

After 50seconds,the  heat transfers with 3D effect are produced.

Mold silicone


Heat transfers


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