Why using screen printing silicone ink for garment?

Jul 13, 2021

In our daily life, clothing generally has colorful and diverse pattern elements, and these patterns are generally printed in the form of screen printing, and the clothing fabrics are different, the clothing screen printing type selected by the merchant will also have The difference, the common forms of clothing screen printing mainly include the following:

1. Watermark screen printing for clothing

It is only suitable for white or light-colored cultural shirt printing or other garment printing. As long as the printing paint ratio is reasonable, it can achieve soft hand feeling and high color fastness! But sometimes, there are some unavoidable shortcomings. Since the main component of water slurry is water preparation, water is also a colorless and transparent liquid, which is unlikely to cover darker fabrics, so it is difficult to Print on dark fabrics.

2. Clothing offset screen printing

It is used for the printing of cultural shirts or other garments with darker colors. When selecting printing materials, try to choose high-elastic pull frame glue printing. The purpose is to increase the fastness and elasticity of the printed parts, so that after stretching, the printed pattern parts are not easy to crack .

Advantages: You can express any color pattern you want on dark fabrics, and it can achieve a super three-dimensional effect, especially when it comes to printing cartoon patterns, it can be dynamic.

Supplement: Prepare some foaming materials properly in the glue, and after fully mixing them evenly, you can also do the three-dimensional foaming effect and the flocking snowflake effect!

3. Screen printing with thermosetting ink for clothing

The material of thermosetting ink printing is very delicate and elastic. The resin particle diameter of this ink is relatively small, and the post-printing elasticity is good. The effect is generally slightly better than the glue on the market, the color reproduction is higher, and the hand feel is also better than glue. soft. The disadvantage is that the cost is slightly higher than that of glue printing, so it is generally only suitable for high-end clothing printing of high-demand large brands, as well as printing of characters such as color dots.

The comprehensive advantages of screen printing: the cost of plate making is relatively low, the printing process is simple and convenient, and for some garment printing orders that are tight in time and small in quantity, it can demonstrate her advantage in speed of rushing goods. This printing process is widely used in fields such as T-shirt printing, cultural shirt printing, and advertising shirt printing. If you use special slurry, you can even print: discharge printing, penetration printing, bronzing, flocking, thick plate printing, silicone printing and other printing processes.

The main disadvantages of screen printing are:

①The printing speed is much lower than other printing methods;

②The printing lines are thick, and very fine patterns cannot be printed;

③The printing level is poor, the highlight part is not easy to print, and the dark part is easy to paste;

④The screen printing strength is low.

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