Why using textile heat transfers for garment printing?

Jul 13, 2021

Shadow heat transfer transfer flower condition

Turn mark temperature

Temperature control Dyeing used Dyeing Best temperature, heat resistance performance, heat transfer time, etc.

Thermal transfer dye, its temperature, high molecular temperature, large molecular melting point and non-woven fabric, its temperature is 180-210 ℃. At this temperature, the temperature of the dye is sublimated, and the molecular weight is averaged at 230 to 270 ° C.

Turn stamp pressure

Flat plate pressure stamping desk: 10kPa or more quasi-transitional pressure stamping force, insufficient pressing force, 则 Transforming stamping, imprinted flower-textured anastomosis, imperfections, improper printing, unbalanced color; Imprinted hand-feeling Japanese anastomosis society.

Vacuum Negative Pressure Transfer: Under the conditions of negative pressure (13.3kPa), it is possible to obtain good coloring and permeation effect, and it has a good feeling of being imprinted.


Turn mark time

At the time of actual processing, the transition time is 15 to 45 s. Urban shadow change stamp time, such as temperature, textile type, knitted fabric, knitted fabric, and knitted product type.

Color prison degree

The color of the woven fabric is the main color of the woven fabric. The three factors in the lower row are: the processed woven fabric; the woven fabric for the purpose, the Japanese woven fabric, the printing dye, and the woven fabric condition.

The ratio of the traditional craftsmanship, the heat transfer, and the following advantages:

· Small ground area, short craft flow;

· Cause Utilization Dispersive dye  Solid color characteristic ability Completely developed color fixation;

· Sewage exemption sticking, post-processing process such as washing with water, sewage problem, sewage exemption type printing method.

· Yu Yu Transfer Inscription Hanahara  Opposite dye liquid absorption amount Large Large Small

· Recovery color adjustment, flower type, productive flaws, can be stamped, and can be printed at the same time. 

· Transferred inscription flower cause original  minimal, transposed imprinted flower cloth-like pattern renewal, layered renewal, and color renewal. The three-dimensional effect is strong, and the special halftone halftone effect is prominent.

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