silicone screen printing ink? | For T-Shirt

Jun 22, 2021

1. Strong stickiness (to the printing surface).

2. Good fluidity, some inks are paste-like and cannot flow in the oil cup or oil basin.

3. When the thinning water evaporates as the ink is picked up, it can exert its viscosity.

4. The pigment should be fine, in order to make the gloss more obvious and reduce the transparency, the thickness of the normal ink is 7 microns in general printing.

5. The gloss of the ink cannot be changed by the influence of the printing surface.

6. To dry quickly but still not change its viscosity.

To obtain the ideal printing effect, you must use pad-printable ink. Because the amount of ink transferred during pad printing is small, the color content of the ink is required to be high.

The characteristics of the ink are as follows: easy to handle; long storage period; no harm to health and protect the environment; easy to clean; good adhesion, the material does not need pretreatment and post-treatment; large color density; good hiding power and fine ink; short thread head , No drawing; quick drying

Advantages of silicone ink

It is a solvent-based ink with covering properties, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, good adhesion, pure and bright color, and strong weather resistance, suitable for fine printing. It has excellent marginal properties when printing fine lines or fonts. Excellent printing/rolling performance, smooth ink layer.

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