Use and storage of silicone ink

Sep 02, 2021

Silicone ink before use

Silicone ink must be fully stirred before use because the proportion of resin, solvent, pigment and additives in the ink is different. After the ink is placed for a period of time, delamination is bound to occur. If it is not fully stirred before use, the ink quality often reported by customers will be unstable, and the covering power and adhesion of the ink used before and after will be different. Standing for 24 hours after printing will deepen the curing effect and various resistance.

UV curing can be divided into surface curing, inner curing, deep curing and complete curing from a physical point of view. In the general printing process, most of the UV ink is only the inner layer curing, because the UV ultraviolet light forms a thin film on the surface of the printing body at the moment of irradiation, so that the ultraviolet light can not penetrate the inner layer of the ink in a short time, and can not achieve the effect of deep light fixation, so as to achieve the best effect of ink adhesion. Standing for 24 hours after printing will deepen the curing effect and various resistance, and make the adhesion effect reach the best state.

Silicone ink after deployment

The blended silicone ink must be used up on the same day to avoid pollution and affect the silk screen printing quality, thus affecting the adhesion.

The adhesion of toner ink is generally worse than that of the original basic color, because a variety of pigments are mixed together, which will affect the absorption of ultraviolet rays.

The adhesion performance of special white ink is worse than that of ordinary white ink, because it has more toner and large friction resistance, and because it has more toner, the relative adhesion is not as good as that of ordinary white ink, but also because it is relatively difficult to light and fix.

The adhesion of colored ink is worse than that of white, so its wear resistance will be relatively poor. Toner ink has more pigments, so it is often difficult to achieve the effect of deep curing when passing ultraviolet light. Therefore, in general, its adhesion is worse than that of a single pigment, so the wear resistance coefficient will become worse. Therefore, if the toner ink part needs high wear resistance coefficient, only by enhancing its ultraviolet receiving intensity can it achieve the effect of deep curing and improve the adhesion.

UV ink reacts easily to light

UV ink printing should avoid direct sunlight, and do not approach fluorescent lamps and mercury lamps.


Storage of ink

The storage time of UV ink in the dark room at 22 ℃ - 25 ℃ without opening the tank is 1.5 to 2 years. After opening the tank, please tighten the bottle cap and store it at 22 ℃ - 25 ℃ for half a year. Please note that water does not overflow into the bottle after opening the tank.


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