Fabric screen printing ink
Fabric screen printing ink

Fabric screen printing ink

Fabric screen printing ink refers to water based ink and silicone ink for heat transfer printing.Heat transfers can be produced in bulk.Because transfer logo is easy to keep mass stock at room temperature.Hence,heat transfers can save large cost.Transfer printing with silicone ink is much softer than water based ink for heat transfers.Silicone ink for heat transfer printing has more advantage than heat transfers with water based ink.
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Fabric screen printing ink

Print instruction

Transfer paper:glossy paper or matte paper

Transfer paper size:100㏕*50cm*70cm

Transfer silicone ink:XG-866A-2Y

fast catalyst: XG-866B-2

Ratio:add3g catalyst XG-866B-2 with 100g silicone ink XG-866A-2Y

silicone pigment:add 10g

Silicone thinner/reducer:XG-128AH

Advise to add 10g silicone thinner XG-128AH

Print four layers.

Silicone adhesive:XG-360Z-3


Ratio: add5g XG-360Z-3B with 100g silicone adhesive XG-360Z-3

Print three layers.

Hot melt glue:XG-360R-2

Print five layers.

Please add the reducer of hot melt glue if its viscosity is higher.

Remarks: During screen printing,please flash every print layer surface cure before next print.

Lastly,please bake the heat transfers in closed oven by 100-120℃,30-40minutes.

Heat Transfer press machine:


Press temperature:160-70℃

Press seconds:15-20

Application of Fabric screen printing ink

Printed on fabrics and clothes, such as shirts, to prevent slipping

Used to print logos on silicone products, such as swimming cap / silicone bracelet

Non slip coating for shoulder straps / Socks / shorts

Printing most natural and synthetic fabrics

Elastic fabric for printed clothing,

Printed Sweatshirt

Printed hat

Printed swimming cap

Printed sweater

Printed jacket

Advantage of fabric screen printing ink

Good handle: soft handle, non stick to hands, no jam when folding

Excellent durability: washability, weatherability and high temperature resistance

Color fastness: no color migration, even between red and white

High elongation: suitable for fabrics containing Lycra fiber

Quick cure: when the skin temperature is between 100-130, it can be cured in 3-6 seconds ° C

Easy to operate: suitable for manual screen printing viscosity and thixotropy

Easy coloring: alkaline gel / catalyst system below 10%

Environmental protection: no organic tin, phthalate, formaldehyde, PVC or solvent

Reduced total usage cost: reduced processing time and better coverage

Low shrinkage (< 0.1%)

Excellent skid resistance

Good antiskid effect and high bonding strength

Welcome to any question about screen printing silicone ink for heat transfers.

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