Silicone Print On Fabric
Silicone Print On Fabric

Silicone Print On Fabric

Silicone ink has wide application in textile field.

The silicone ink can be heat transfer printing on sports shirt,hoodie,horse riding breeches,riding shirts,etc. Nowadays,silicone ink for screen printing has large market worldwide.

Silicone ink has heat cure and room temperature cure silicone ink.Glossy silicone can make the print awesome with three dimension.Matte silicone is very good too.
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We made Silicone ink has Embossed silicone ink,puff silicone ink,high density silicone ink,heat transfer silicone ,dip rope silicone ink,mold silicone,high elastic silicone,blocker.

Silicone ink for screen printing

Product number:XG-399-3


Appearance:high transparency

Low viscosity liquid

Screen printing tips about the silicone ink

1. add 3g catalyst with 100g silicone ink,15-20g silicone thinner XG-128AH

2. Mesh:120(48T);Squeegee:rubber,65-75angle

3. Screen printing silicone ink :1-2layers

4. After silicone ink screen printing,please start flash the glossy silicone in five minutes.

Glossy finish

High abrasion resistance,it's best silicone ink for horse riding breeches,fitness,sports shi

Best anti-slip

Two part

Heat cure

Surface dry temperature:100-120℃

Flash time:10seconds

The silicone ink can be hand printing on print table and machine print.

Long work life,6-12hours.

Package size:20kg/pail

The silicone ink is not dangerous ink.They can be shipped by air and sea.

We can help you ship them by Fedex,UPS,etc.We have the courier to ship the chemical liquid.They have signed Agreement of shipment with Fedex,etc.

Fast turnaround

Lead time:12days


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