Best Ink For Heat Transfer

Best Ink For Heat Transfer

Product number: XG-866A-2Y
Product name: silicone ink
Features: Low temperature cure
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The best ink for heat transfer for screen printing on T-shirt, fabrics, cotton, nylonetc.


High stability, ordinary inks cannot attach patterns to clothes at high temperatures. There are many models and types of thermal transfer inks. Contact us for a quote.

how to use

Step 1: Coat the ink evenly on the substrate. The ink layer coated on the substrate requires high color density, vividness, color saturation, uniformity, good adhesion and anti-scratch. Dirty performance

Step 2: When the substrate is quickly separated from the substrate under the action of hot pressure, the ink can be transferred to the printing material, forming a uniform, bright color, neat and clear print on the surface of the printing material.

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