Heat Transfer Printing Ink
Heat Transfer Printing Ink

Heat Transfer Printing Ink

Item number: XG-866A-2Y
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Catalyst: XG-866B-2
Application: hheat transfer printing ink on fabrics, T shirt, nylon, etc.
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This heat transfer printing ink has the advantages of durability, friction resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance. And can be washed and dry cleaned, etc., suitable for printing on T-shirt, Hoodie and other materials.

Flow performance of heat transfer printing ink

The heat transfer ink has high fluidity. During the production process, the heat transfer ink must maintain proper fluidity to ensure that the heat transfer ink can form a uniform and smooth ink film layer.

gloss of heat transfer printing ink

The ink gloss is high, the ink film surface is smooth, and the expressive power of the color saturation of the ink film layer makes the image color appear more vivid and three-dimensional.

Resistance of heat transfer printing ink

Under the influence of (light, temperature and humidity), the thermal transfer ink maintains its color stability and strong stability. The printing ink film has high resistance and can maintain the vividness and color saturation of the printed color.

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