Silicone ink printing of glass screen

Sep 01, 2021

After selecting the materials mentioned above, apply photosensitive adhesive in the darkroom; It is required to be uniform and then dry. Generally, it is required to apply twice. Plate printing requires exposure on a cold light source plate printer. The exposure time should be determined according to the pattern, generally between 12 and 30 minutes. After exposure and development, a silk screen is prepared.

There are manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic printing presses for flat glass. Manual printing machine is suitable for small batch and small specification flat glass. Semi automatic and full-automatic printing machines are suitable for large batch and large specification multi color printing, with the advantages of accuracy and speed. The largest semi-automatic printer can print 2000 × 1500mm size glass. Full automatic printing machines are generally used for the printing of automobile windshield glass. Several foreign companies can provide this kind of equipment.

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