How to choose photosensitive adhesive for glass screen printing with silicone ink

Sep 01, 2021

The commercially available photosensitive adhesives include dichromate system, diazonium salt system and iron salt system. The requirements for photosensitive glue in silk screen plate making are: good plate making performance and easy coating. The photosensitive spectrum range is 340 ~ 440nm, with good development performance, high resolution, good stability, easy storage, economy, sanitation, non-toxic and pollution-free. The requirements of printing on photosensitive materials are that the plate film formed by photosensitive materials can meet the performance requirements of different kinds of inks. It has considerable printing resistance and can withstand the scraping pressure of the doctor blade for a considerable number of times; It has good adhesion with the screen, and there is no film falling fault during printing; Easy to peel, which is conducive to the recycling of screen plate.

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