How to choose the screen for glass screen printing

Sep 01, 2021

The screen printing plate for flat glass printing is the same as the general screen printing plate. The glass screen printing plate adopts synthetic fiber screen, stainless steel screen and natural fiber screen. When printing general color materials, the above screen can be used. Generally, cheap synthetic fiber screen is selected; As gold and silver decoration, stainless steel wire mesh cannot be selected. The specification of wire mesh is generally 270 ~ 300 mesh.

Selection of net frame

The more regular and less deformed mesh frame is aluminum alloy mesh frame, and its size should be larger than the pattern. The specific size should be that the outer edge of the pattern should be between 70 ~ 100mm from the mesh frame. In addition, when selecting the mesh frame, its strength is very important, and the key is that the rigidity in the horizontal direction is sufficient.

Stretch net

Choose the net silk and net frame, combine the two, this is the stretched net. There are many ways to stretch the screen, including manual, motorized and pneumatic methods. The more advanced one that can stretch the high-quality screen is the pneumatic stretching machine. The requirements for stretching the screen are that the tension is uniform, the warp and weft lines of the screen remain vertical, and the screen adhesive should be firm and not loose.


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