Types of screen printing with silicone ink

Aug 24, 2021

There are usually two kinds of screen printing, namely manual printing and mechanical printing.

Manual printing refers to the manual operation of the up and down movement of the printing plate, scraping and scraping from paper renewal to paper receiving.

Mechanical printing means that the printing process is completed by mechanical action. It is also divided into semi-automatic and full-automatic printing. Semi-automatic means that the substrate is put in and taken out by manual operation, and the printing is completed by machinery; Fully automatic means that the whole printing process is completed mechanically.

There is also a fast and simple curved screen printing method, live screen printing, that is, the screen layout is removed and printed directly close to the surface of the substrate. Using the live screen printing method, a large number of processed prints can be printed, such as latex plastic bucket, pure water bucket, washbasin, hot water bottle, cup, bowl, plate and other products. At the same time, this method can be used to print signboard words on cars and special-shaped planes.

Production of movable screen version: first dry and repair the photosensitive text graphic version, then remove it and cut it according to the size. Wood chips or aluminum chips are used as the framework at both ends of the screen plate, which can be tightly bonded with adhesive tape or directly bonded with adhesive, so as to make the required live screen plate. Operation method of movable surface screen: select different printing materials according to the substrate for blending: first, select flat plates and plates to mix the ink. Then, one person holds the movable surface screen plate with both hands and sticks the printed part tightly to the substrate surface. The other person evenly dips the ink on the ink mixing plate with a scraper, and then, Place the scraper on the inking board evenly on the layout for uniform scraping.

If the printed graphic area is too large, pour the ink on the layout according to the situation, but do not let the ink flow out of the substrate. Note that the allocated ink should not be too thin or too dry. It is better to have moderate dry and wet. The printing of words and pictures in a small area can be operated by one person. The method is to stick one end of the movable plate on the required position of the substrate machine with packaging tape, and then tighten the plate with the other hand to close to the substrate for printing. Note on plate starting: the plate must be started lightly in the direction of one end of the adhesive tape. If two people operate the plate starting advertisement, the same is true. Printing by this method has the advantages of convenient operation, flexible requirements for substrate, large or small, large or small quantity, low cost and energy saving.

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