The advantages of silk screen printing

Jun 08, 2021

(1) Not limited by the size and shape of the substrate

Generally, printing can only be carried out on a plane, while screen printing can be carried out not only on a plane, but also on special shaped products, such as spherical surfaces. Things with shapes can be carried out by screen printing.


(2) The layout is soft and the impression is small

The screen is soft and elastic.


(3) Ink layer covering power is strong

It can be printed in pure white on all black paper with strong stereoscopic effect.


(4) Suitable for all kinds of ink


(5) Strong optical rotation resistance

It can keep the luster of the printed matter unchanged( Temperature and sunlight had no effect. This allows printing some self-adhesive, without additional lamination and other processes.


(6) Flexible printing methods


(7) Plate making is convenient, cheap and easy to master


(8) Strong adhesion


(9) It can be printed by hand or by machine


(10) Suitable for long-term display, outdoor advertising expressive

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