Main function and characteristic of relief liquid silicon ink in the USA

Jul 20, 2021

1. Introduction of relief liquid silicon ink

Embossing liquid silicon ink is a kind of translucent ink with two components, the ratio is 10:1, which is suitable for clothing labels obtained by screen printing and molding process at the same time. You can see it in the video.


2. Characteristics of relief liquid silicon ink

High hardness for 3D effect

Rapid curing

High thixotropy

Excellent yellowing resistance

Easy to dye

Low shrinkage

Good antiskid effect and high bonding strength

Wear resistant, washable and high temperature resistant

Non toxic and tasteless, food grade silicone

High transparency, good tear strength


3. Application of relief liquid silicon ink

Suitable for clothing labels, decorations, signs and accessories. Silicone rubber for clothing screen printing is specially used for making clothing logo, clothing label and frill, T-shirt printing and underwear anti-skid. It is widely used in cotton, polyester cotton blended cloth, nylon cloth, flax, wool, insulating cloth, etc.

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