Detection of color power on dark silicone ink

Jul 22, 2021

If you add 10 g of standard white ink in a small beaker, the color sample of printing plate will be the same as the standard color card, and then the printing force of the ink to be tested will be 110% of the standard ink according to 10: (100 + 10) = 10 ∶ x = 110 (g).

The above X represents the amount of white ink in 10g ink to be tested after a certain amount of white ink meets the standard color card. In other words, the strength of the color is measured by the amount of white ink.

In addition, there is a wet color sample comparison method, that is to say, the wet color sample of the ink to be tested is the same as that of the qualified ink. The wet color sample is arranged side by side on the color developing wheel, and the wet color sample is compared after the color sample is made. This detection method eliminates the disadvantages of color deviation between wet color sample and dry color sample, which has adverse effect on the real result evaluation. Because they are all wet color samples and adjacent, the contrast color is convenient and the accuracy is higher.

After finishing the color power and hue test, remember to save the wet color sample and dry color sample, especially the standard ink wet color sample and dry color sample must be sealed and marked for the next test. Because spot color requires color stability, so the ink hue requirements are correct, color force requirements adhere to stability, the general specification is: ± 10% is acceptable, within ± 5% is qualified, not high, not low.

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