Screen Printing On T Shirt

Jun 01, 2021

Screen printing t shirt has long history.It's simple and cost effective way to decorate t shirt,hoodie,other clothes,etc.

When we talk about screen printing,most of print specialists will say that they print plastisol ink and water based paste.Few print masters know better screen printing silicone ink for heat transfers,embossing,puff,high density print.

Why is the silicone ink strange for them?

Because silicone ink is often printed on high value t shirt,clothes from major brand,such as NIKE,ADIDAS,PUMA,ZIRA,etc.

Silicone ink is the best ink on fabrics.

They can be screen printing on t shirt,hoodie,shoes,gloves,socks,sportwear,Yoga pants,etc.

Silicone ink has many advantages,such soft hand feel,no fading,best wash test,anti slip,excellent elasticity.

You can print  glow,glitter,puff,multicolor with these silicone inks.

Please read TDS for screen printing silicone ink if you decide to print silicone ink.

Different garment need different screen printing method.

Cotton is very simple to print silicone ink.You can print silicone ink on cotton without silicone adhesive.Please press the cotton with press machine if the cotton is not flat.

Regarding to the polyester,nylon,please print the silicone adhesive for two layers firstly.

Becasue the silicone ink is low heat cure.

Please open your table oven.

table oven

Squeegee for silicone ink is different from water based paste and plastisol ink.

It's sharp squeegee,65-75 angle.

Generally,most of silicone inks are heat cure.So add 3g catalyst with 100g silicone ink.

When you finish screen printing,please bake them in closed oven about 5minutes,120℃.

Welcome to any question from you about screen printing silicone ink.

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