Rope Dip silicone ink

May 24, 2021
Rope Dip silicone Instruction

Tips as follows:

  1. Prior to  dipping,please prepare XG-20S-1,catalyst KB-1,thinner XG 128AH,pigment.

Remark:Mixing pigment,several pigments mixed well for special effect.

  2.Mixing silicone ink XG-20S-1 with catalyst B,XG-128AH,mixture ratio:100g XG-20S-1 add100g XG-128AH,mix them thoroughly,add10g catalyst XG-KB-1

Dipping the clear silicone ink for one layer.Please level the dipping rope with the blade.After one hour,please cut off the remain of dipped rope with scissors.

  3.Dipped color layer:add100g XG-128AH with XG-20S-1,mix them thoroughly,add10g pigment,mix them,then add10g catalyst XG-KB-1.

Dipped 3-4layers,please start dip the silicone ink before surface dry,about 1hour for surface dry.

Please level the dipped rope with the blade every time.

  4.Dipped matte silicone ink XG-136M:add 200g XG-128AH with 100g XG-136M,mix them thoroughly,add 10g catalyst XG-136M.

5.Please dip the matte silicone ink for one layer.

Lastly,please bake the dipped rope by 60-80℃,about 1hour.

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