Advantages Of UV Ink

Mar 25, 2021

1) No volatile organic solvents, low pollution, no harm to human health, 100% solid content, and no inconsistencies in printing ink film thickness caused by solvent volatilization;

2) UV ink does not block the network, which is conducive to the printing of fine products;

3) During printing, there is no worry about solvent damage to the substrate. The quality of UV ink is stable, the gloss of the dried ink film is good, and the ink film has good wear resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, and solvent resistance;

4) The UV ink dries instantaneously, which can organize a fast printing production line and greatly improve the printing efficiency;

5) Save ink when printing, solvent-based ink can print about 50 square meters per kilogram, while uv ink can print 70 square meters under the same conditions.

6) Compared with traditional inks, UV ink has stable physical properties, is non-flammable, has no explosion hazard, has no corrosiveness and volatility, and has a slight peculiar smell. It can be transported as ordinary goods.

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