What is silicone ink? High quality silicone ink supplying

Jul 22, 2021

Silicone ink is a special colorant for silica gel coloring. Silicone ink is a kind of environmental protection products, non-toxic, harmless. Due to the special cross-linking treatment, this colorant is suitable for coloring almost all silica gel.

Ink chromatography generally includes black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, fluorescence, pearlescent, gold, silver, etc.

Silicone ink can be directly adhered to all kinds of trademarks on cloth, such as: clothing trademark, shoes and hats, socks trademark, handbag trademark, etc.


Application process:

1. Color mixture: the same color is mixed evenly;

2. De bubbling: remove bubbles by vacuuming or standing still for more than 1 hour;

3. Spray printing and curing: spray printing under appropriate pressure and rapid curing under appropriate temperature.

Points for attention:

(1) Keep it at low temperature to prevent deterioration.

(2) The curing speed of the adhesive has a certain relationship with the temperature, and the curing rate will be slower when the temperature is low.

(3) It is non hazardous, but do not enter or eyes. If splashed in, wash with a large amount of water.

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