What are the advantages of TPU ink

May 17, 2021

TPU ink is divided into screen printing ink and spray ink

The curing methods of TPU ink include baking curing and natural drying at room temperature

TPU ink application field: many substrates can be used for ink and paint. Each substrate, from nylon and polyester to natural or artificial leather and thermoplastic polyurethane, can be processed with screen printing and spray ink.

For example: umbrella, interior design, watch, raincoat, mobile phone, laptop, sports shoes, car leather chair, sofa, advanced leather, handbag, inflatable entertainment products, etc.


1. Excellent adhesion, including nylon / polyester fabric

2. Low viscosity

3. Soluble in THF (tetrahydrofuran) or cyclohexanone, butanone, toluene, etc

4. It can be used for the surface coating of leather or heel as transparent lacquerware

5. Good bending resistance and flexibility

6. Excellent wear resistance

7. High gloss

8. Weather resistance, can resist any sun exposure including UV radiation

9. Excellent toughness and durability in various applications

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