t shirt printing

May 10, 2021

t shirt printing

Silicone ink is formulated for t shirt printing by YR SILICONE.Our silicone ink is made of Vinyle silicone oil(CAS NO. 68083-18-1).

The silicone ink for t shirt printing passed NIKE RSL,OEKO TEX 100,REACH.

High viscosity silicone ink.It's fast cure with low temperature.

Screen printing tips:

  1. Before screen printing with the silicone ink,please prepare one print table,one table oven or dryer,mesh(120,48T),angle squeegee(65-75),rubber squeegee,one scale,cup,stick,table glue,silicone ink,catalyst,reducer,pigment.

  2. Place garment on the print table(print table glue on table).

  3. Place the stencle on print table and fix the position.

  4. Mixed silicone ink with catalyst:add 20-30g catalyst XG-866B-2 with 1000g silicone ink (XG-866AH),mix the silicone ink with stick thoroughly.

  5. Print the clear silicone ink for two layers.Please flash every print surface dry by table oven(120℃,about 10seconds) before next print.

  6. Add 10g pigment with 100g silicone ink mixed catalyst.

  7. Print color layer for 4-6layers.Please flash every color layer surface dry.

  8. Print glossy silicone ink or matte silicone ink(add 2-3g catalyst XG-866B-2 with 100g glossy or matte silicone ink).

  9. Please start flash the glossy finish or matte finish in five minute after screen printing.

  10. After screen printing glossy or matte silicone ink,bake the t shirt in the closed oven or tunnel oven.Oven Temperature:120-140℃;Baking time:3-5minutes.

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