Viscosity detection of silicone ink

Jul 22, 2021

Liquid ink viscosity is relatively low, liquidity is relatively good, viscosity detection method is also very simple, just a viscosity cup and a stopwatch can complete the detection of ink viscosity.

The detailed operation method is: first mix the ink evenly, then immerse the viscosity cup in the ink, and then put out the viscosity cup at a uniform speed. When the viscosity cup is just pulled out of the ink surface, press the stopwatch to watch the time and appreciate the outflow of the ink; Press the stop watch when the ink has just stopped. At this moment, the time value on the stopwatch represents the viscosity of the ink, high viscosity, large number of seconds; Low viscosity and few seconds. Because the temperature is different, the viscosity of the ink will change, so the general detection temperature is fixed at 25 ℃.

It is worth mentioning that there is no significant correlation between the concave convex temperature and the color of the ink, but it will have some impact on the performance of the ink when it is used in machine screen printing.

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