Introduction to JiangXi Xinguang Silicone Co.,Ltd.

Jul 20, 2021
Our company specializes in the development and research on silicone ink at HuiZhou, GuangDong, China. We develop and research the silicone ink with purest silicone polymer. Hence, these screen printing silicone ink can possess the superb soft hand feel,high durability and adhesion on fabrics during wash process. The silicone ink for serigraphy screen printing is simple to print. The silicone ink for serigraphy screen printing has large market in the world now. Clients love the silicone ink because the silicone ink is superb soft hand feel, high durability and extreme elasticity. We can develop all silicone ink for cricket screen printing. Our silicone inks have wide range of application in the textile. These silicone inks for cricket screen printing are proven the best silicone ink by major brand such as NIKE, PUMA, etc.
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