Influence of temperature and humidity on screen printing ink

May 17, 2021

Screen printing pad printing has strict requirements on material, technology and environment. Some subtle differences will seriously affect the printing quality. In the process of some high requirements of fine products, special attention should be paid.

1、 Temperature

1, when the temperature between the workshops is too low, especially in the northern winter, the ink flow becomes worse and even the gel phenomenon occurs.

Solution: warm with hot water or fully stir to solve.

2. When the temperature is too high, screen printing ink will become fast dry, screen printing will appear gambling net, pad printing will not be easy to oil.

Solution: replace the thinner that dries slowly.

2、 Humidity

1. When moisture is too large, moisture will be absorbed in printing work, resulting in sticky, ink, matte, poor adhesion and so on.

Solution: use air conditioner or desuperheater to solve this problem.

2. If the humidity is too low, it is easy to cause electrostatic dust pollution.

Solution: use antistatic agent or dedusting roller to solve the problem.

Of course, the above methods can only temporarily solve a single problem. If the products with high precision and high requirements are printed, it is recommended to use dust-free workshop to control the temperature and humidity. It is suggested that the temperature and humidity should be controlled at 20-30 ℃ and 55-70% respectively.


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