Silicone Screen Printing Ink India
Silicone Screen Printing Ink India

Silicone Screen Printing Ink India

Silicone screen printing is the process of pressing silicone ink through one mesh with one rubber squeegee(65-75) to create one printed design.It's a popular silicone screen printing technique used in the textile.The process is also called serigraphy or silk screen printing,but all of these names refer to the same basic method.It's used to print custom t shirt,sportswear,teamwear,outerwear,etc from major brand such as NIKE,ADIDAS,PUMA,ZARA.Silicone ink printing will bring the clothing higher value than other ink,such as water based ink or plastisol ink.
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Silicone Screen Printing

Nylon,polyester,cotton are the most commonly screen-printed garment.When screen printing silicone ink on nylon,polyester,please firstly print silicone adhesive for two layers.Keep every print layer surface dry with dryer or table oven. 

Screen printing method as follows

  1. set mesh on right position

  2. Mix silicone ink with catalyst

  3. Silicone Screen printing on print table or machine print

  4. Flash every print layer with low temperature

    Why is silicone screen printing used?

    One of the reasons that silicone screen printing is widely used in the textile is because silicone ink is high elasticity,superb soft hand feel and abrasion resistance.Silicone ink for screen printing can give the print best quality.

    Silicone screen printing is also favored because the silicone ink allows the printer to easily print the high quality pattern.When screen printing silicone ink on fabrics with experienced printer master,it's possible to create reflective multi-coloured design.Silicone inks from YR SILICONE  can be puff printing,embossing,heat transfer printing.

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