Types and applications of screen printing with silicone ink

Aug 27, 2021

Screen printing, as a kind of printing with a wide range of applications, can be divided into: fabric printing, plastic printing, metal printing, ceramic printing, glass printing, electronic product printing, lottery screen printing, electric decoration advertising board screen printing, metal advertising board screen printing, stainless steel product screen printing, optical reflector screen printing, screen transfer, anodized, Silk screen prints, lacquer screen prints, etc.

Fabric printing

Fabric printing refers to the process of forming patterns on fabrics by printing. Printing methods include: type printing, screen printing, roller round screen printing, transfer printing and multi-color drenching printing. Screen printing comes from type printing (including type paper plate and zinc plate). It began to be operated manually, gradually moved to semi-automatic and fully automatic, and then developed from flat screen to round screen.

Pigment direct printing

Pigment direct printing is to directly print the prepared printing paste on the fabric, which is the simplest and commonly used process in the printing process. Pigment direct printing process generally refers to printing on white or light colored fabrics. It has the advantages of convenient color matching and simple process. It can be baked after printing. It is suitable for textiles of various fibers. Paint direct printing process can be divided into accramine f adhesive according to the commonly used adhesive. Three direct printing processes for acrylate adhesive, styrene butadiene latex and chitin binder.

Silk printing

The main methods of silk printing are direct printing, discharge printing and anti dyeing printing. Direct printing method has been introduced before. Discharge printing method, transfer printing method and penetration printing method will be introduced separately in the relevant sections later. Here, anti dyeing printing method is mainly introduced.

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