The product advantages of Silicone ink wildly used around the world

Jul 21, 2021

Silicone ink has the advantages of smooth surface, thick printing ink layer, strong covering power, good fluidity, abrasion resistance .

Product name: silicone ink

Product number: XG-866A-2Y

Catalyst: XG-866B-2

Ratio: add 100g silicone ink with 2g XG-866B-2

Curing Method: Low heat cure

Application: It’s formulated for heat transfer printing and screen printing on fabrics. The silicone ink is the best ink for serigraphy screen printing. The silicone ink can be hand printing and machine printing on transfer paper, fabrics, shoes, gloves, sportwear, etc.



1. Excellent weather resistance

2. Corrosion resistance

3. Non toxic

4. Strong covering power, good fluidity and abrasion resistance

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