The origin of the development of screen printing

Mar 22, 2021

With the improvement of the aesthetic demand of the public, more and more consumers are no longer satisfied with the smooth white walls, and use wallpaper, picture frames, embroidery and other products to embellish home decoration. However, when people are getting tired of the monotony of wallpaper, the rigidity of picture frames, and the simplicity of embroidery, hand-painted, wall stickers, and DIY graffiti are sought after by people. However, the hand-painted complicated calculation methods, high prices, and uncertainty of effects have discouraged many people; the wall stickers are not environmentally friendly and the colors are difficult to blend perfectly with the home decoration, and at the same time, the damage caused by the paving on the wall People don’t dare to try it easily. DIY graffiti is more suitable only for individual creators who are bold and unrestrained. So, how can we create popular wall art products with artistic connotation? Silk-screen printing came into being. It breaks through the professional qualification requirements of traditional hand-painting for painters. It can "draw" exquisite and clear patterns without professional hand-painting skills, and has a rich style and variety. Moreover, due to the standardized mold construction, the cost is lower than hand-painted. The effect can surpass that of wallpaper, and it is becoming more and more popular among designers and owners.

The liquid wallpaper series that is currently sweeping the national decoration market has similar production processes, but most of them still remain at the level of simple printing, and the construction and production skills lack artistic design elements. It was initiated by Zhumeng Wall Art to comprehensively upgrade the screen printing. While taking into account the batch production, it is more integrated into the connotation of art design. It is no longer a simple wall full of broken flowers, but a complete structure on one wall. Make a picture to create a popular product for the art furniture experience.

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