Process characteristics of screen printing

Mar 23, 2021

Screen printing can be regarded as a solidified form of artistic creation. Just like a jigsaw puzzle, through the use of inherent materials for repeated splicing and adjustment, a unique characteristic pattern is formed, adding a beautiful artistic flavor to the home decoration. The products made by screen printing have several obvious advantages:

First, the product has a smooth and uniform texture. It does not have obvious brush touches like hand-painted, but is as smooth and flat as a mirror surface;

Second, the product manufacturing specification has a small error due to the characteristics of mold manufacturing, which can produce the actual effect and the design effect almost the same;

Third, the product has greater flexibility. Although it is made with molds, it can still be adjusted flexibly according to the size and shape of the wall through clever composition design and color scheme;

Fourth, the product is very cost-effective, because the use of molds can achieve scale effects, and can achieve personalized composition design and production, which not only guarantees the artistic connotation but also takes into account the production cost, so that it can become a popular art product.

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