Main features of Purple pigment silicone ink popular in Europe

Jul 20, 2021


1. High quality pigment for puff paint screen printing

2. Friendly environment

3. Pass OEKO TEX 100, REACH, NIKE RSL, ADIDAS A01 2019

4. Easily mixed

5. High solid content, 100%


Q: How will we add the pigment in the silicone ink during screen printing?

A: We advise you add 10% purple pigment in the silicone ink. Please mix silicone ink, catalyst, reducer, pigment together. Please add the catalyst by the weight of silicone ink, catalyst, reducer and pigment. The silicone ink will not be cured if you add less catalyst.

Q: What’s the dipping silicone? What advantage does the dipping silicone have?

A: We have many items of silicone ink for dipping rope. They are all room temperature cure silicone ink. These silicone inks are XG-20S-1, XG-399-2 (glossy silicone ink), matte silicone ink XG-136M-3. You can mix any pigment with silicone ink XG-20S-1. We have developed two kinds of catalyst for the dipping silicone. One is fast catalyst XG-KB. Another is slow catalyst XG-MB.

Q: Where is your factory located? How many kg could you produce per month?

A: We are located at HuiZhou City, GuangDong, China. We can produce all silicone inks about 3000 tons per year. Our silicone inks are ideal for heat transfer printing, high density printing, puff printing, Flocking, Embossed printing, Mold, etc. They can be printed on gloves, socks, T-shirts, shoes, hats, etc.

Q: Could you offer us free sample if you are interested to silicone ink?

A: Of course. We can offer you silicone ink per item with 300g. Welcome to any question about screen printing silicone ink. We will offer you plenty of help about silicone ink.


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