Detection of chromatic phase in silicone ink

Jul 22, 2021

For the new supply of ink, it is generally necessary to adjust its viscosity to the machine viscosity, use the screen printing machine proofing to screen out the color sample of the ink in the field version, or drop a few drops of the ink on the color developing wheel with the adjusted pressure, and drag the ink on the surface of the substrate with a certain pressure and speed to display a ribbon as the color sample. Observe the effect of these proofs, if the ink layer is smooth and uniform, the color is excellent, there is a certain luster, the ink color is thick and solid, the color is the same, the standard color card supplied by the supplier (which can be made and supplied by the ink factory) is basically the same, then clarify that the hue of the ink meets the requirements. Finally, a certain amount of ink for this test can be sealed and stored as the reference wet color sample for the next hue test.


For the used ink, the viscosity of the ink can be adjusted to the appropriate value, and the color sample can be made with the color developing wheel, which can be compared with the qualified color sample or standard color sample saved in the previous printing, so as to preliminarily detect whether the hue meets the requirements. Another way is to test the ink with the previous test of qualified ink wet color sample, in the development wheel about 25px away from each drop, side-by-side typesetting.

At this point in the master paper will leave two adjacent ribbons, the control of these two ribbons can be more accurate to determine whether the hue is the same.


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