Definition and content of pigments

Mar 29, 2021

Pigments are not only related to human visual characteristics, but also related to the objective radiation observed. Color is an important index for evaluating the quality of pigment products.

The expression of pigments can generally be divided into two categories. One is represented by the three basic properties of pigments, such as the Munsell pigment system that classifies and calibrates the color of various objects. In this system, H represents hue and V represents Brightness, C means chroma, written as HV/C; the other is based on two sets of basic visual data, a set of pigment expression, measurement and calculation methods established, namely the CIE standard colorimetric system.

There are two types of pigment inspection. One is the pigment comparison method, which is compared with the reference sample visually or instrumentally to give the results; the other is the direct color measurement method, that is, the amount of the pigment is directly given by the instrument or visually. Value or sample number.

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