Color matching of screen printing ink

May 17, 2021

1、 Small details before silk screen printing ink deployment

Before the ink deployment, we should first calculate the ink consumption of each color printing number to make the deployment of the appropriate amount of ink. Especially for two liquid reactive ink, the amount of ink mixing should be calculated according to its curing speed and printing speed.

In order to get the right color, inking should be carried out under stable natural light, at the same time can not count color juxtaposition observation, from the influence of illusion. When configuring fresh ink, the addition of dark ink should be gradually close, avoid adding too much at a time, and then use a lot of light ink to remedy. At the same time, try to reduce the mixed hue, the more hues, the greater the gray.

Screen printing ink

In addition, we should also pay attention to the color changes of screen printing ink before and after drying. For example, on the light color substrate with large ink absorption, the ink color after drying is often light; The color difference of wet, dry and foam state of foaming ink is large; The color of ceramic printing ink changes greatly after firing; White ink will turn yellow after high temperature. Such as the law of color change, need printers in practice, accumulate experience and samples, make their own color code.

The color allocation of screen printing ink (printing material) is an important link in the production process of screen printing. The basic principle of blending is inseparable from the basic principles of adding color light and subtracting color material.

A certain hue of the three primary colors of light can be produced by mixing any two colors equally. From the perspective of color, these three hues are called intermediate color (or second color). For example, green formed by yellow and green is intermediate color. The hue produced by the mixture of intermediate color and intermediate color is called compound color (or the third color).

2、 Color matching method of screen printing ink

Ink color matching or color matching is the combination of two or more colors, or in addition to the main color matching, and then use a small amount of color adjacent to form a color. When coloring ink is used before dispensing, first, the color that needs to be prepared on the color sample is exposed individually, and correctly distinguish whether the original (or original) color is primary color, intermediate color or compound color. If it is intermediate color, multi-color, need to distinguish the proportion of the main color and auxiliary color. Secondly, it is necessary to adjust the sample according to the tone indicated by the original. When the color difference is smaller or equal compared with the original, it can be adjusted in large quantities, and the time should be short, and the amount of adjustment should be appropriate. Adjust too little, resulting in downtime, ink hue, affect the normal production; Too much will cause unnecessary waste. Inking is usually carried out where the light is stable or not directly illuminated.

In the screen printing process, the need to modulate the ink is also more. Because there is no same standard for screen printing ink, the pigment system of different ink manufacturers is different, and the actual production process will affect the color of screen printing ink.

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