Carrier resin for fluorescent pigments

Apr 01, 2021

It is the attachment of the fluorescent dye, the main function is to help the fluorescent dye develop its color, improve the compatibility of the fluorescent dye with the downstream resin, and protect the performance of the fluorescent dye. Usually the carrier resin is a strong polar resin, which contains strong polar groups such as amine groups, hydroxyl groups, ether bonds, amide groups, etc., on the one hand, it can help color and increase the fluorescence efficiency; on the other hand, it is very good with fluorescent dyes. The compatibility of the dyes helps to disperse the dye evenly.

Commonly used carrier resins for fluorescent pigments include amine-based resins, benzo-melamine-formaldehyde resins, polyacrylate resins, polyamide resins, polyester resins, and polyurethane resins.

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